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Thank you for visiting to learn a little more about me. As an educator and therapist I have spent many years building trusting relationships and supporting clients during transitional phases of life. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, change or lack of change can lead to emotions that are difficult to process independently. As a therapist, I listen to your story, work with you to develop goals, and strategize with you on how to reach your goals.

Transitions in our lives occur naturally as part of growing up. When you or a loved one is experiencing a transitional time of life such as changing schools, the growing pains of the teenage years, finding your first job, changing jobs, losing a job, marriage, divorce, aging parents, or loss, finding a reliable therapist can be a valuable tool. As your therapist I can provide a space to process what’s going on in your world and work with you to develop goals to work towards. If you’re interested in chatting to see if we would be a good fit please don’t hesitate to reach out!   

Education and Licensure:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Human Development from Connecticut College
  • Master of Science Professional Counseling from Georgia State University
  • Associate Professional Counselor (#APC008720)      

Reach out to Margaret directly at

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